Tuesday, 27 September 2011

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No time to exercise? Schedule !

It would be hard, these days, not to have heard that regular exercise
can provide innumerable health benefits and help people enjoy
longer, happier and more active lives. What is more, fitness experts
have determined that people do not have to work themselves to
exhaustion or set aside large chunks of time to reap the benefits.

Nonetheless, large numbers of people are either getting no exercise
at all or are getting too little to do themselves any good, health experts

So why are not more people getting off the couch and moving? A lot
of it has to do with time, said Michael R. Bracko, a sports physiologist
and director of the Institute for Hockey Research in Calgary, Canada.
Not just the amount of time people have, but also the amount of time
they think they have.

“In this day and age, with all the stuff we have going on, probably the
number one reason is perceived lack of time,” Bracko said.

“People don’t view exercise or physical activity as important enough to schedule it within their day. They can’t find the time to work out. They’ve got
kids, they’re driving around, they’re working, they’re commuting.”

However, health experts stress that participation in regular physical
activity can reap a ream of health benefits.
Physical activity helps the body regulate blood sugar levels and lower
blood pressure, reducing the chances of developing diabetes or heart
according to the US Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention. Studies have shown that physical activity also maintains
healthy muscles, bones and joints, and can slow the deteriorating
effects of aging.

Furthermore, exercise improves a person’s overall mood by prompting the
release of hormones that reduce feelings of anxiety and depression,
the CDC says. Some research has even found that exercise helps
keep the mind sharp, improving memory and potentially helping to
ward off dementia in old age.

Despite all this good news about exercise, a 2008 CDC survey
revealed that more than a quarter of American adults did not spend
any free time doing physical activities such as running, gardening,
golfing or walking.

Bracko said he believes that not only do many people have busy
schedules but that they still “don’t understand or appreciate how
much physical activity can have a positive impact on their life”

The CDC has set guidelines for the amount of exercise that people at
various stages of their lives need to remain healthy:
- Kids 6 to 17 years old : about an hour of physical activity every day
- Adults 18 & above : at least 150 minutes of moderateintensity aerobic activity, such as brisk walking, or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity, weekly .
In addition, at least two days a week they should do muscle-strengthening activities that
work all the major muscle groups.

Finding the willpower to set aside this time can be very personal, and
people may need to do a little soul-searching to figure out what
matters most to them, said Barbara Ainsworth, a professor of exercise
and wellness at Arizona State University.
“Everybody has different points that get them to be motivated,”
Ainsworth said. “It’s important to find the triggers that resonate for

For some people, it is a doctor’s report saying that they are headed for
chronic disease if they do not shape up, she said. Others want to look
better or improve their athletic ability. Some work out for stress relief
or enjoy the social setting that group exercise provides.

To fit exercise into daily life, Bracko and Ainsworth suggested:
- Taking a step back and understanding that fitness is as important a
priority as other leisure activities, such as television or reading. “We’re
busy because we choose to do certain things,”
Ainsworth said. “It’s
about making different choices.”

- Realising that exercise can be broken into blocks of 10 to 15 minutes
that can be fit in throughout the day. Bracko gives the example of
soccer moms who take their kid to games. “They don’t realise that’s a
great time to exercise,” he said. But for those who do, “instead of
standing on the sidelines, they’re walking around the field or running
intervals or something,” he said.
- Recruiting an exercise buddy who will help maintain motivation. “If
you make a date with someone to go on a walk, you don’t want to
disappoint that person,” Ainsworth said.

Adapted from "Biz Daily 14/9/2011"

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Monday, 19 September 2011

Fight the Fat Food away !

Today, let's take a look and know more about Fat Fighting Food :D
Get to understand how some of these food will help us prevent getting fat !

1. Greek Yogurt
This greek yogurt contains twice as much protein as the other yogurts do . This is why, you will be full more a longer period as well ! AND, it's true that, our body burns more calories digesting proteins as compared to carbohydrates !

2. Quinoa

Quinoa is pronounced as ' keen-wa ' . Packed with lots of nutrients, this whole grain has 8g of hunger-busting protein and 5g of fibre in JUST ONE CUP ! It's yummy, nutritional, and it's very easy to cook as rice !

3. Cinnamon
Researches have shown that cinnamon provides a stabilizing effect on blood sugar levels . It benefits almost everyone, and curtails appetite ( even with type 2 diabetic people ) ! Want more sweetness in your tea/yogurt but don't want any calories ? No fret ! Cinnamon will help you out . (:

4. Hot Peppers
Not everyone might like Hot Peppers, but after you know its benefits, maybe you would want to try it out ! It contains a flavorless compound, capsaicin, which helps to curb appetite and speed up metabolism slightly, though only for a short period of time . Well, people tend to eat less when the food is spicy, don't they ?

5. Green Tea
Studies shown that green tea stimulates body to burn abdominal fats . It also contains catechins, a type of phytochemical that may briefly affect the metabolism . For better results, it is recommended to drink green tea several times a day, and drink it HOT as it will take longer to drink, and thus slower your calorie intake, providing soothing & mindful experience . (:

6. GrapeFruit
The main benefit of this food, is that its rich in fibre and thus help dieters feel full with few calories . This will come along as useful if you consume it before a meal !

7. Watermelon
A rich source of vitamins and water content which signals body that you have enough food, and leave little space for other food ! It's low in calories too . (:

8. Pears & Apples
These fruits are also high in water content (: It's recommended to eat the whole fruit and with the skin, as chewing contributes in burning few calories and the skin provides extra fibre . (:

9. Grapes VS Raisins
Alright let's do a comparison here . Both have calories of around 100 but it's visible that the value of water content in the grapes' cup is higher than the one with the raisins . Thus, the portion of grapes will be more satisfying . On the other hand, the benefits of dried fruit is that it makes a salad more appealing when used sparingly . (:

10. Berries
Like the other fruits mentioned above, berries are also high in water content and fibre . But here's the additional benefit - they can also satisfy our sweet tooth with A FRACTION of the calories we consumed while eating cookies or brownies !

11. Raw Vegetables
It's a wise choice to choose raw vegetables as snacks ! It's crunchy, high in water, & low in calories ! Try replacing chips with this when you want to go for chips & dip (:

12. Sweet Potatoes
It's definitely better than a normal potato which requires additional toppings to make it tasty ! Sweet potatoes are full of flavours and saves YOU from many calories . It's also packed with potassium, Vitamin C, fibre, and beta carotene .

13. Eggs
Studies suggested that eggs are probably a smart choice for breakfast as it contains high quality proteins with vital nutrients, and it will keep hunger at bay longer than other food . Remember, avoid eating too much if you have high cholesterol !

14. Coffee
I know it's nice to know this . Coffee actually helps to stimulate the metabolism and contributes in helping to lose one's weight . However, this effect will be overthrown by extra calories in a cup of mocha cappucino . ):

15. Oatmeal
YES, it's rich in fibre . It's whole grain oats . It's high in water value . Oatmeal will give you a filling combination ! & remember, cinnamon can come in useful here ! Replace the sweetened oatmeal and decide your own choice of sweetener - Cinnamon or Nutmeg will be a good choice with low calories !

16. Crispbreads
Otherwise known as whole-grain rye crackers, this food offer low-fat and high fibre alternative to traditional crackers . Whole grains provide richer assortment of plant nutrients, so it's time to switch to whole grain breads, cereals or pastas ! (:

17. Tabouli
Bulgur Wheat found in Tabouli, is high in fibre & proteins but low in fat and calories. It's flavorful and satisfying with the richness in the taste !

18. Soup
Broth-based ( not creamy type ) Soup is a good friend of any dieter in many ways . The first obvious benefit is that it's rich in water content, which leaves you full quickly with few calories . Make a satisfying and low calorie meal with these soups, and top it up with some chicken, fish, cut-up vegetables or beans !

19. Salads
SALADS - with high water content vegetables ! Make your salad more appealing and interesting with a variety of fruits and vegetables (: But be careful with the dressing, you might accidentally add in lots of calories which you're trying to avoid !

20. Vinegar
Research supports the fact that vinegar does help in breaking down fats ! A flavorful choice to add to your salad ! (: Oh, and it has NO CALORIES .

21. Nuts
Excellent way too curb your hunger - with nuts ! They're high in protein, fibre, and heart-healthy fats. It can also promote weight loss & improve cholesterol levels ! Isn't that wonderful !
But here's the key: Be careful with the Quantity, and Choose something in shells so you have to work slowly to get it !

22. Air-popped Popcorn
Although it seems alot, but the calorie content is pretty low . Plus, it's visually satisfying ! Imagine having a big bowl in front of you, wow, that's alot, and you get to savor it slowly ...

23. Skim Milk
Many Protein . Many Calcium . NO Fat . Yet helps you feel full . There's evidence that it helps reduce weight too ! (:

24. Lean Meat
As we've seen, protein burns more calories during digestion and keeps us full longer . Choosing your protein source is also very important ! Dark meat will cancel out all your efforts to reduce weight ! ): On the other hand, Skinless Chicken Breast is a great choice !

25. Fish
Fish is the best source of proteins ! Due to the type of protein it provides, it keeps us more satisfied as compared to chicken or beef . Most fishes are low in fat, and some appear to help protect against heart diseases and other chronic conditions !

26. Beans

BEANS ! A great source of fiber ! A vegetable ! Full of proteins ! That's why, it keeps you full with just little calories. Besides, they're easy to prepare, and a wise choice of snacks (:

Woah ! Have you realised, one of the key points which most of these tips covered was, consuming food with high water content will leave you with little space left to consume all those fatty food !

It's really amazing isn't it ?
All these facts are always there, but not many people will find out about it .
Well, of course, unless you read our blog often ! (:

Check back soon, for more posts that will make you go 'WOW !'

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Sunday, 11 September 2011

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Monday, 5 September 2011

How Does Teenagers Prevent Acne Breakouts ?

Today, let's talk about something we all have/will experience .

Argh, i know most of us faces this problem .
It's perfectly normal though .

Through puberty and hormone changes, it results in outbreaks of pimples and acne.
2 Main points to take note while having these breakouts :
[1] Watch your diet - remember, it's not about starving yourself, but drink more water, and eat the right food.
[2] Follow a proper skin care regimen - again, eat healthy and include vegetables instead of junk food . Junk food is proven to have an indirectly effect on pimples .

Another thing about skin regimen .
DON'T touch your face with unclean hands .
Perhaps, you can avoid this by reducing the number of times you look into a mirror .

" If you don't see it, you will forget about it, you won't touch it . "

Let's see how we can solve this problem ..
a. Start with a good cleanser with salicylic acids .
b. Use a good toner, but avoid those that contains alcohol .
Ladies with oily skin must NOT skip this step . It helps to shrink the pores and keep oiliness at bay for a period of time .
c. Choose an oil-free moisturizer .
d. Wear a good sunscreen . Frequent breakouts are due to sun damages .

That's all !

Just follow these 4steps routine, and have plenty of rest .
Pimples and acne will stay far far away from you !


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Thursday, 1 September 2011

One of the Healthiest Diet: Mediterranean diet

If you want to be healthy and look beautiful, you have to start from the inside.

One of the healthiest diets to follow is the Mediterranean diet. It’s made up of the very freshest, healthiest foods available and lowers your risk for heart disease, cancer and many other diseases. It’s one of the most followed diets in the world and many celebrities follow this diet to help maintain their youthful, radiant looks.

The staples of the Mediterranean diet include fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds, legumes, seafood, yogurt, olive oil, and small amounts of wine.

Characteristics of Mediterrean Dieters :
> avoid processed food, so look for organic foods in season and grown locally .
> focus on small portions of high-quality food .
> staples of this diet will keep you feeling full, examples like healthy fats, -- olive oil and nuts .

Here are the basics of the diet.

Olive oil
The Mediterranean people use olive oil in almost everything they eat, including pastas, breads, vegetables, salads, fish, and even cakes and pastries. It’s the principal fat in the Mediterranean diet, replacing other fats and oils, including butter and margarine. What’s so healthy about olive oil? Researchers have found that oleocanthal, a compound in olive oil, may reduce inflammation, which could help prevent conditions like heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and autoimmune diseases, as well as cancers.

Omega-3 fatty acids
Found in abundance in the Mediterranean diet, omega-3 fatty acids are bursting with health benefits, according to Stutman. Fatty acids have been shown to reduce the incidence of heart attacks, blood clots, hypertension, and strokes; and may prevent certain forms of cancer and lower the risk of neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s disease.

More vegetables, less meat
“A diet higher in plant foods and lower in animal products has been linked to decreased incidence of heart disease, diabetes, and many cancers,” Adamson says. The traditional Mediterranean diet is practically vegetarian, with lots of fish and very little meat. As for vegetables, Mediterranean people feast on tomatoes, broccoli, peppers, capers, spinach, eggplant, mushrooms, white beans, lentils, and chick peas, according to Stutman.

Many Mediterranean people drink a glass or two of wine each night with dinner. But portions are small, generally about three ounces (a third of a small wine glass or two shot glasses). When taken in small amounts, wine has been linked to lower rates of heart disease, likely due to the presence of antioxidants like transresveratrol and oligomeric proanthocyanidin (OPC), which keep blood circulation healthy and prevent blood clots from forming.

Whole grains
Whole grain foods like bread, pasta, potatoes, polenta, rice, and couscous are a key part of the Mediterranean diet, according to Stutman. In their natural state, grains are full of cancer and heart disease-fighting fiber, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. But stripping the grain’s outer layers to make white flour and white rice eliminates these benefits, reducing the healthy whole grain to little more than empty calories. Whole grains provide energy and calories with little fat, and because they’re slow to digest (thanks to their high-fiber content), they help you feel fuller longer.

Fruit for dessert
For Mediterranean people, fresh fruit is the typical daily dessert. Taking advantage of fruit’s natural sweetness has double benefits. First, what you gain: the fiber and nutrients in fruits like apples, grapes, and oranges. What you lose: the added sugar, calories, chemicals, and unhealthy fats in sweet, processed desserts.

Research supports the health boosting qualities of the Mediterranean diet. In a 12-year study of close to 2,500 people, researchers found those who followed the Mediterranean diet had a significant decrease in body weight, blood pressure, blood fats, and blood sugar and insulin levels - health benefits that contribute to a longer life expectancy than that of people who follow a Western diet, according to Fred Stutman. Eating the Mediterranean way may also protect the brain. In a 4-year study, researchers from Columbia University Medical Center found that subjects who followed the diet had up to 40% less risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease than those who followed a typical Western way of eating.

Maybe we should really consider about adopting this diet as well !
Let's give it a try if you think it's really worth it (:


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Friday, 26 August 2011

Hi all !
Crystal, the social media executive, is here again !
This time, i will share with you how we can maintain our healthy weight (:

There are 10 ways to keep our weight in check ^^

1. Eat Breakfast
Nutritionists consider breakfast to be the most important meal of the day, so remember to eat a hearty breakfast everyday !

2. Keep a Food Diary
Remind yourself of what you have eaten each day, and also be mindful to eat lesser of the unhealthy food the next day ! (:

3. Eat more low energy dense food
These food have low calories that will make you feel full . When you're hungry, just grab all the fruits you can find and munch on them ! (:

4. Stock up on Healthy Snacks
Healthy snacks, like carrot sticks, fruits, and unsalted peanuts or walnuts, can help to curb your hunger but remember to control the portion size too !

5. Become Size Wise
According to the American Obesity Association, people who maintained their healthy weight are those who eat small meals everyday.

6. Limit Certain Foods
When eating, avoid eating high-calorie food with low nutritional values . it will NOT contribute in helping you maintain a healthy weight !

7. Cut Condiments
As we all know, the condiments are placed on top of the food pyramid . This would mean, we have to eat the condiments the least as compared to other food like rice or vegetables. However, we all know that without condiments, most foods will taste differently, or taste poorly. Therefore, we need not avoid them, but consume less of them or eat healthier versions of them.

8. Keep Moving
It is proven that physical activity is useful in contributing to help maintain healthy weight, and even lose weight.

9. Quench Thirst with Water
Do not get fooled when your mind tricks you to have the urge to consume unhealthy drinks or to have another meal when you actually do not need it.

10. Grocery Shop after eating
As the above point said, physical activity will help to keep weight in check . Grocery shop is one way where we can get things done and also get a workout . After eating, a casual walk like this will also help in digestion of food .
This is a good way to start keeping your weight in check !
Start today ! (:


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